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Dental Care Recommended For Every Age

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At each appointment your dentist will review the steps to proper dental health. If you wish to keep your teeth in great shape for the rest of your life (and avoid dentures during your old age!), you should follow your dentist’s advice!

July 23, 2018

Tips To Avoid Dental Plaque

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Dental plaque is a thin, sticky film made up of bacteria and food particles. These bacteria feed off of sugar and, as a result, produce an acid that attacks the teeth. Continuous acid attacks on the teeth will eventually cause dental decay and other oral health issues.If you wish to avoid cavities and other dental […]

July 9, 2018

Smoking, drinking may cause failures in dental fillings

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Indulging in drinking alcohol or smoking may not only damage your teeth but also lead to increased incidences of failure in dental fillings, warned researchers. The findings, led by researchers, showed that within two years of the dental procedure, fillings failed more often in patients who drank alcohol, while the overall filling failure rate was […]

July 4, 2018

Dental Insurance in India

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The good news is that various general health insurance plans do cover oral health or dental care as part of their coverage options. These companies offering dental insurance in India structure their general policies to include health advantage schemes or Mediclaim covers where oral care is covered. At times, one will be able to claim dental expenses […]

June 27, 2018

How to Properly Brush Your Teeth to Keep Your Friends

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You have been brushing your teeth for most of your life, but are you really brushing teeth properly? The importance of brushing teeth properly is often overlooked, but it’s an important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Tips on Properly Brushing Your Teeth The most common pitfall that keeps people from brushing teeth properly is that they don’t […]

June 20, 2018

Plaque On Teeth – Causes And Treatment

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Plaque is a sticky biofilm that develops on teeth as a result of the bacteria that naturally live in the mouth. And as scary as it sounds, it happens to everyone. If you have to deal with plaque, what you do about it determines how healthy your teeth and gums are. When left alone, plaque […]

June 12, 2018

Dentists Can Be Your Best Friend To Get Your Dream Date

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Forget about that fancy car, high paying job, or anything else you’re pursuing to help you find your dream date; your smile is a much more important factor in how attractive you are. Here are some facts:

June 6, 2018

Tips To Be Considered for Good oral Hygiene

Visiting a dentist regularly helps you maintain healthy teeth, gums and good oral hygiene. So, we recommend everyone to visit the dentist atleast once a month. Here are some general tips to help you look after your teeth.

May 23, 2018

5 Tips for Preventing Oral Cancer

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When it comes to oral health, most of us are focused on avoiding cavities or banishing bad breath. We don’t really think about taking steps to prevent oral cancers.Cancers of the oral cavity (including the lips, cheeks and tongue) and the oropharynx (including the soft palate, tonsils and throat) can crop up in a variety […]

3 Big Benefits Of Dental Implants

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Are you aware of all the benefits of dental implants? You may not realize how wonderful modern implants are, but you should, especially if missing teeth are causing you problems with chewing, speaking, and smiling comfortably. After implant placement, patients can eat and smile with ease again. We would be glad to do the same for you, […]

April 25, 2018

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